Steelweb Question and Answer

Q. What is SteelWeb?

A. SteelWeb is a private intranet that can be accessed only by Steelworker staff and participating local unions. SteelWeb has different levels: Membership and Arbitration Basic and Arbitration Plus. Local Unions may also sign up for a FREE Local Union Website when signing up for Membership. 

Steelweb also provides a NEW Grievance Tracking Service. You can sign up for this service online using the Register Now signup page.

Q. What is included in the Membership Service?

A. SteelWeb Membership Service currently includes:

  • The ability for an authorized local union officer to view current local union membership information and make on-line updates.
  • There is no cost for this Membership Service.

Q. What is Arbitration Basic?

A. Basic Arbitration includes the USW case searching and NO longer includes the BNA service. Arbitration Basic is Free. In cooperation with the union’s Arbitration Department, currently includes access to a large arbitration database covering thousands of Steelworker arbitration cases. The full text of all cases will be available on-line and can be printed out. Also, you will have the ability to search electronically for cases that are on point with specific issues that you wish to examine. The database includes the full text of the Steel Arbitration Digest, virtually all published and unpublished Basic Steel contracting out arbitration cases, the full text of all cases published in the USWA arbitration newsletter, and cases from the rubber, aluminum and other industries.

You can sign up for Arbitration Basic by going to the Register Now portion of Steelweb to add this to your account and follow the online and paperwork instructions. You can have more than one Arbitration account. If your local previously had Arbitration with BNA, your account has been changed to Arbitration Basic.

Q. What is included in the SteelWeb Arbitration Plus Service?

A. It includes all of the Arbitration Basic offering, plus access to the BNA Labor Practice center for additional Arbitration cases across all unions.

Q. What does it cost to sign up for SteelWeb?

A. Fees:

  • Membership is free.

  • Arbitration Basic is now free. The Local may have multiple Arbitration accounts.

  • Arbitration Plus is a paid service costing $30/month /account and the cost is deducted from your locals dues refund.

Q. Can we cancel SteelWeb if we aren’t satisfied?

A. Yes. Just send an e-mail to and your account will be terminated or modified.

Q. My local union is interested. What do we do now?

A. First, you need to have internet access through one of the many internet service providers. Next, fill out the online registration form, follow the instructions in the confirmation email you receive, print, sign the application and mail it in. Once your registration form is received you will be e-mailed a login name and password for your SteelWeb account.

Q. Can I use AOL to access Steelweb?

A. Possibly. America Online is a proprietary system with its own standards. Many Steelweb users have successfully used AOL while others have had problems. If you are an AOL user, you may need to download a standard version of Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Q. Are there any other rules my local union should know about before we sign up?

A. Yes, SteelWeb is provided by the Steelworkers as a service to its staff and locals. Any of the following misuses of SteelWeb may result in the loss of user privileges:

  • Commercial reuse of content.
  • Copying or sharing of passwords
  • Any attempt to access another local union’s information or to enter any unauthorized area.
  • Conduct harmful to our union.

Q. Our local union’s computer is pretty old. Will we need to upgrade?

A. SteelWeb is an intranet that uses the same technology as the Internet. If you are currently surfing the World Wide Web and can send and receive Internet e-mail, then you have everything that you need. You will also need an account with a national or local internet service provider (ISP). You will also need Microsoft Explorer, Firefox or Safari browsers.

Q.  What is the technical contact and security question and answer?

A. Each local must designate a technical contact who is the authorized person to request changes to the local account (for example: to add or change a user). The security question/answer identifies the technical contact when they call or email Information Systems.

Q. What is a sample security question/answer?

A. This should be something the technical contact will know but another individual would not know. For example:

  • Q. What was my Elementary School? A. Thomas Jefferson Elementary
  • Q. What is my mother’s maiden name? A. Mary Lou Johnson

Q. I have some additional questions about SteelWeb. Who can I contact?

A. If you have any questions or need additional information about SteelWeb, please contact:

USW Information Systems Department  (E-Mail)